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Presentation Decks

Visual storytelling is all about presenting the right amount of information, at the right time, with the right images. When designed correctly, the story that emerges from your presentation slides can be incredibly persuasive.

The following slides are from a presentation pitched to potential private label partners. The goal: to create a delicious opportunity that the decision makers in the room couldn't resist.

presentation slide 2
presentation slide 5
presentation slide 6
presentation slide 11
presentation slide 12
Typical projects include pitch decks for startups, accompanying materials for academic lectures, and presentations for meetings.

Academic Presentations

Visual storytelling isn't just for persuading investors. Captivating slides that enhance the message, without overpowering the lecturer, can help make concepts stick and keep students engaged with the learning experience.

presentation slide 1
presentation slide 2
presentation slide 4
presentation slide 6
presentation slide 7


Technical Illustration

A picture is worth a thousand words for a reason. And a well-rendered illustration is worth a thousand photographs when you need to convey information.

The USPTO has strict requirements for the illustrations that accompany both design and utility patents. The following illustrations are just a sampling of some of the accepted illustrations that we have created.

drawing of Furby perspective view
drawings of Furby top and bottom views
drawing of Furby from front
drawings of scissors perspective and side views
drawings of scissors exploded view
Each set of illustrations that we do considers the needs of the end user. Does the image need to show someone how to complete a task? Are there rules and regulations about how the image can be conveyed? Will it need to hold up through countless photocopies?

Three-Dimensional Maps

Who doesn't love a good map? We love rich visual maps that take full advantage of color, symbols, and possibly the third dimension.

This illustration of a new student center, and accompanying grounds, needed to work within the campus's existing three-dimensional map. We created it using architectural renderings and photos taken during construction.

student center exploded view
student center close up view
student center in context view


Two-Dimensional Maps

This art gallery map was a fun project because of the callout. How can a section be emphasized without obscurring the rest of the map? Challenge accepted.

map of art galleries



We create all of our sites to be responsive, and we write the code ourselves.

Container Science needed their website to serve as a portal to a web-based model, to act as a hub to download documentation, and to support the company's trademark filings.

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website in use on laptop screen
website on mobile device
website on computer screen
website interior on computer screen
website interior on mobile device
We believe in clean code that loads quickly.

Good user experience extends beyond the website.

The primary purpose of the Skye Salon website is to facilitate appointment bookings and to allow clients to find the salon easily. All from their mobile device.

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website in use on mobile device
website on computer screen
website on mobile device

We made a logo while we were at it.

Skye Salon logo