Example of a Great Small Business Website

The pages you need for a successful small business website are simple, yet powerful.

We recently completed a website for Troy West Carpet Cleaning in Vermont. The pages we set up are simple, yet powerful.

Home Page


When you arrive at the website, you instantly see the areas that this company serves, as well as easy-to-access contact information. The top of the website includes a button that you can click on to directly call the company. Also, above the fold, is a highlighted button that allows you to schedule an appointment. These immediate calls-to-action ensure potential customers are encouraged to establish contact with Troy West Carpet Cleaning the minute they arrive on the website.

Areas of service

Another important aspect of the home page is to ensure new visitors to the site know right away what services Troy West Carpet Cleaning offers. Therefore, we used icons to showcase not only the company’s carpet cleaning services, but also its upholstery cleaning and tile cleaning offerings.

The “Why”

How do you compel people to click on a call-to-action? By offering solid reasons why they should. In this case, we provided information about why the customer needs this cleaning services, how Troy West Carpet Cleaning is superior to other services, and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Responsive Design

Making a site responsive means making a website look amazing and usable on all screen sizes (computer, tablet, and smart phone). Responsive web design is a bit of an art form, and to do it right, you may need to make manual adjustments for different screen sizes. For Troy West Carpet Cleaning’s site, we altered the design for each screen size so that the most pertinent information appeared right away.

Tablet View
Smartphone View

Additional Pages

Every site needs additional pages besides the home page. Gone are the days of the once-trendy one-page website. For Troy West Carpet Cleaning, and for many similar sites, it make sense to keep it simple. Offer a Services Page, a Gallery Page (here called Before + After), and a Contact Page. Most people visiting a site these days don’t really care about an “About” page, so we put the info that would usually be on that page on the Home page and Services page.


One popular web design tool that is not going away any time soon is the contact form footer. This allows visitors to be able to contact the company no matter what page they’re on. For Troy West Carpet Cleaning, we used the contact form footer as a way for customers to instantly schedule an appointment.

Contact form footers can also be used to sign up for newsletters, email the company, or request additional information. A web designer can set the form up so that the information the customer fills out goes to the right place.

Want us to build a successful small business website for you?

We can create something beautiful that works to bring you customers. All you need to do is provide us with a little bit of information and we’ll take it from there. Schedule a call with us today and let us help you build your online presence!

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